Happy Medium Monday – A better bond with the bottle

Welcome as always all you lovely lot.  I can say from personal experience of feeding through discomfort, that it does get better and easier, sometimes very quickly.  But what if the fear of pain becomes the block to nursing your baby.  

The business of bonding through boobing is a strong argument.  If you look at the natural processes a baby goes through when placed into skin to skin, it becomes a baby’s biological instinct as opposed to a parental choice.  However, a breastfeeding mother can be absent psychologically and emotionally, providing no eye contact or nurture during the feed, which makes it difficult to bond.  

This story I have stolen borrowed from The Fearless Formula Feeder’s Fearless Friday’s post, describes exactly that.  So what becomes more important… the long term physical health gain for both mother and baby from boobing or the long term mental health of both mother and baby from having a fully bonded relationship?  

FFF Friday:  “I decided enough was enough…”

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