What my Son is teaching me

Reblogging my post about my boy for World Autism Awareness Day. If you want to get involved you can text “ONES14 £3/5/10” to 70070 to donate £3, £5 or £10

Hello. My Name is Ted

I wanted to write something on Ted’s progress and what I am helping him learn but at the moment that felt very limited. Not because he isn’t learning anything but the dawning realisation is, that Ted isn’t the pupil…

It wasn’t my uncle that made me terrified of autism. In fact, my brother and I used to revel in delight that this full grown, round-tummied man with the strength of an ox, would be stark naked, wearing nothing but a pair of wellies, squeaking a banana-shaped dog toy in his ear whilst rocking backwards and forwards. He reminded me of our large primate cousins; avoiding eye contact but always being fully aware of your presence. An imposing size and strength. One main difference though – our primate cousins know to peel the banana before eating it *more squeals of delight from my brother and I*.

I have a memory etched into my brain of seeing my naked uncle…

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