A New Beginning

I first created this blog to educate women about breastfeeding. And teeth. Connecting them together in as many ways as possible. Basically because at the time, they were my two areas of expertise.

When I say educate, I mean educate. Educate the ignorant on the errors of their ways and to convert those teetering on the edge of the teat to not be taken down the easy path of bottledom. I knew it all. I had all the answers and could occasionally enlighten the orally challenged to buck up their ideas too.

I even looked into the psychology of cults, the art of persuasiveness and wanted to change people’s minds, kind of like a Derren Brown of the boob world. I researched into why people belong to groups, why they join cults, the psychology of religions and the art of war. I was taking my advocacy responsibilities very seriously! I don’t things by ‘alves.

It’s not just about educating the facts, it’s about changing a person’s moral beliefs hidden behind those facts. Finding the evidence that supports those facts and weaving a morally laden web to capture those flying in infant feeding limbo.

I’m making it sound far more malevolent than it actually is but behind my early posts were preconceptions about what I thought was actually going on in the world of infant feeding.

Fast forward to now and I am the one that has had my moral beliefs shaken and stirred. I won’t bang on about it as I have already posted previously about it in ‘has hypocrisy replaced advocacy‘ and I am, and always will be proud of my ‘Power of the first hour – inspiring or terrifying‘ post which has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. I was astounded when it reached 500 views and from the back of it have been asked permission for the photo to be used for seminars and talks on the subject. My man arms and my horrendously positioned baby girl has been seen all over the world.

But it’s time for a change. The name of this blog doesn’t suggest middle ground. It suggests that although I talk the talk, my allegiance is with the boob. That may be partly true. I believe in boobs. However, I also, perhaps more so, believe in happiness and maternal mental health; the importance of support and inclusion for everybody. I believe in open conversations and debates. I believe there are better ways to advocate infant feeding, infant health and maternal health in the 21st century.

In the next few days, I will be probably committing blogging suicide by changing the name and reaffirming the ethos of my blog. Some may not like it but hopefully I can encourage most of you to stay. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

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