Ode To My Dressing Gown


Before I had kids
You were my soft, fluffy friend
Helping me recover
From a heavy weekend

Your full potential
Was never quite met
Neither of us knowing
What was in store for you yet

Now I have kids
It is to clear to see
That your sleeves are all crusty
And there’s a slight hint of wee

Your pockets are full
With cheap plastic tat
The stains cover your front
From this and from that

You’re handy for wiping noses
When there’s snot pouring out
For drying small hands
When paper towels have run out

You’re a warm embrace
For a tear-soaked kid
Who doesn’t even care
About that brown-coloured skid

So thank you, Dressing Gown
I’ll try and wash you more
And promise not to use you
To wipe that mess from the floor

In a blink of a eye
There will be no paint and glitter
You’ll miss being tugged
By some dirty little critter

You’ll smell nice again
And look pristine
Miss all the days
When you were slightly less clean

So I’ll stop being embarrassed
When I answer the door
To a rather shocked postman
Who just stares at the floor

I won’t be ashamed
Of the dirt and the grime
Because it all goes to show
We had a jolly good time

2 thoughts on “Ode To My Dressing Gown

  1. Gosh so true. I’ve just washed mine and emptying the pockets was interesting. A mental selection of plastic, Lego, coins, loom bands, sparkly things, un identified bits of paper and crayon pieces. Brilliant poem. X

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