The Internet User’s Guide to Internet Users

The internet is a wonderfully faceless entity which allows all and sundry to have a voice. To impart their wisdom, knowledge and opinion. I mean just thank God for this person standing up for what they believe in. Why I love the internet
Why I love the internet

In my short time of loitering around internet forums and chat rooms, I have come across many characters, but it seems the following internet users crop up time and time again:

The Know-It-All Example: You’re doing it all wrong. You do it this way.

The Aggressor Example: You’re doing it all wrong. Are you some kind of dick?

The Diplomat Example: It’s a good idea, but it might be worth trying it this way.

The Please-Join-My-Club Example: This is how I do it. Give it a try.

The Peacekeeper Example: I think both ways are right.

The Self Righteous Example: You should be ashamed of yourself for doing it any other way.

The Passive Aggressive Example: I’d think very carefully about what you do or you might be sorry.

With so many emotive subjects on the internet, many hitting right to the heart of humanity, such as breastfeeding versus formula feeding, UKIP versus the rest of the world, Corporate Monsters versus The Common Man, and not forgetting gary rights, it doesn’t take long to find a forum that houses many of the aforementioned characters in one place, impassioned and ready to fight for what they believe in.

Real comments taken from a hard hitting article entitled Max George: The Wanted Broke Up Because of One Direction Rivalry gives you the following examples:

There was only one person missing from this particular conversation, however, I found her not so far away in a heart wrenching and deeply resonating discussion about who is best; One Direction or Justin Bieber:

See how many you can spot today and if you know of any Internet Users not listed above, then please get in touch. If any of you are wondering which category I belong to, you’ll find me filed firmly under ‘Sarcastic Twat’.

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